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Category: Puzzles Games

How incredible! Entering Space Flash Arena 2, the second episode of Space Flash Arena, you will get excited to dip into the outer space. Do you think that participating in a combat [...]
How will you think in case you take the wheel of a police car and start a racing competition? It's cool, right? Then, keep your indecision aside and move on to Police Pursuit 3D at [...]
A little boy has just set foot on a weird land where there is a long platform. Now, he is standing on this platform and waiting for some help to guide him out of here. In fact, it' [...]
How wonderful! Start Harmony Keeper at once, all players! Here is considered as a strategy and skill game saying about a character called the Keeper. His ambition is to dominate th [...]
Have you ever heard about Idle Game? It's supposed to be a special type of game which asks players to just click until the budget is filled with loots. Hero Simulator is based on t [...]
Take time to experience Bouncy And Monsto right away! Don't ignore it since it's supposed to be a physics and puzzle game which requires players to brainstorm and solve hard situat [...]
Have you ever thought that you will be rich as a tycoon? If yes, The Money Makers will satisfy your dream. Here is a mouse-click game in which each player just uses their clicks to [...]
Oh guys! Comix Zone will be a good selection for you if you are trying to search for and experience something challenging. The game's story may attract you because it's incredible. [...]
Are you ready to run on difficult tracks with a cool racer? Get access to Drift Raiders right away! It will be a cool feeling when we take the wheel and rev the engine to get throu [...]
Enjoying a combination of shooting and puzzle games will be a new feeling. Then, don't miss Steam Pegs since it's what we are mentioning here. With this combination, we're surprise [...]
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