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Category: Puzzles Games

It's wonderful to begin experiencing Blocnog, a puzzle and physics game. It helps train our brain. Don't mind placing yourself in a variety of challenges here. Come on! In the game [...]
How wonderful! Start Harmony Keeper at once, all players! Here is considered as a strategy and skill game saying about a character called the Keeper. His ambition is to dominate th [...]
Have you ever heard about Idle Game? It's supposed to be a special type of game which asks players to just click until the budget is filled with loots. Hero Simulator is based on t [...]
Take time to experience Bouncy And Monsto right away! Don't ignore it since it's supposed to be a physics and puzzle game which requires players to brainstorm and solve hard situat [...]
Have you ever thought that you will be rich as a tycoon? If yes, The Money Makers will satisfy your dream. Here is a mouse-click game in which each player just uses their clicks to [...]
Oh guys! Comix Zone will be a good selection for you if you are trying to search for and experience something challenging. The game's story may attract you because it's incredible. [...]
Are you ready to run on difficult tracks with a cool racer? Get access to Drift Raiders right away! It will be a cool feeling when we take the wheel and rev the engine to get throu [...]
Enjoying a combination of shooting and puzzle games will be a new feeling. Then, don't miss Steam Pegs since it's what we are mentioning here. With this combination, we're surprise [...]
Welcome all players to Magic Safari 2 – the second version of Magic Safari! Coming to this special physics game, you will be astonished by its title character. Commonly, you just s [...]
How incredible! Entering Space Flash Arena 2, the second episode of Space Flash Arena, you will get excited to dip into the outer space. Do you think that participating in a combat [...]
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